Why One Page Websites

Today, when you land on the average website you are greeted with a few prominent trends: a large image slider, top or side navigation, a main body of text/images/icons and a sidebar with various links and images.

What a scattered, inelegant, blunt experience.

But, when you land on a one page site you are immediately immersed in the opening lines of a great story. The ultra simplified design gets out of the visitors’ way and the story you’re trying to tell takes center stage for the entire journey through the site.

All that is left is the beginning of a well crafted story, where the only thing the visitor must do to progress is the most natural and intuitive thing on the web: scrolling.

This simple action makes for a seamless experience devoid of link hunting or any other type of point and click guesswork. And because this format forces the website owner to distill their vision into one page, the overall message is typically much clearer and more powerful than it otherwise would have been scattered between a home page, about page, mission page, sidebar, etc.

You can tell your story on one page.

Your one page website can have all the content a regular site has without navigation burnout. With your one page design, you can showcase an event calendar, a newsletter sign-up form, personal videos and images in a slider format and even your blog articles.

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